2015 Viognier “Still Life”

“A delicious white wine from the Rogue Valley with pleasant flowery notes and a citrus finish”

2015 Viognier “Glass House”
2016 Viognier “Still Life”
2014 Imagination Series No. 4 Riesling
2014 Chardonnay Imagination Series
2015 Chardonnay Imagination Series
2015 Imagination Series No. 5 Inverse
2013 Imagination Series No. 8 Spellbound Syrah Blend
2014 Imagination Series No. 12 Grenache
2015 Imagination Series No. 16 Grenache / Syrah “Scorched Earth”
2011 Pinot Noir “Tapis” Reserve
2011 Pinot Noir “Violet Hour” Dundee Hills
2012 Pinot Noir “Flow” Eola-Amity Hills
2012 Pinot Noir “Willakia” Eola-Amity Hills
2013 Pinot Noir “the Black and the Red”
2014 Pinot Noir “Willakia” Eola-Amity Hills
2014 Pinot Noir “Love Lies Bleeding” Willamette Valley
2015 Pinot Noir “Mulberry Street”
2015 Pinot Noir “Rain on Leaves”
2015 Pinot Noir “the Black and the Red”
2011 Syrah “Alyosha” Three Sleeps Estate Vineyard
2011 Syrah “Purple Flower” Reserve Estate
2012 Syrah “Hills Like Scented Flowers” Three Sleeps Estate
2012 Syrah “Purple Flower” Reserve Estate
2013 Syrah “Song of the Uncaged Bird” Estate
2010 Tempranillo “A Penny for a Lily”
2011 Tempranillo “Tango” Reserve Three Sleeps Estate
2012 Tempranillo “Sketches of Spain”
2012 Tempranillo Blend “Technicolor Bat”
2013 Tempranillo “Sketches of Spain”
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2 Thoughts on A list of Dominio IV wines in stock as of Feb 2018 – from McMinnville Oregon

  1. I am looking for the drinking windows for several wines. 2017 Inverse, 2016 Scorched Earth, 2014 Scorched Earth, 2014 Tapis, 2015 mulberry street, 2015 rain on leaves, 2015 sketches of Spain. Thank you.

    • Hi Dan,
      Sorry, I just saw your questions about drinking windows for some of the wines. The 2017 Inverse ages 1-5 years, but I like it on the 1-2 year side as there are more candied aromas. 2014 Scorched Earth is now to 2023, 2016 SE 2020-2025.
      2014 Tapis- now -2024
      2015 Mulberry- 2020 – 2025
      2015 Rain on Leaves now – 2025
      2015 Sketches of Spain – if you open now let it sit for a 4-8 hours before drinking, now- until your children start to drink.
      Hope this helps and looking forward to seeing you soon,


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