“Biodynamics is an impulse for deep social change rooted in the practice of farming. Biodynamics calls for new thinking in every aspect of the food system, from how land is owned to how farms are capitalized to how food is produced, distributed and prepared.

A type of organic farming that incorporates an understanding of “dynamic” forces in nature not yet fully understood by science. By working creatively with these subtle energies, farmers are able to significantly enhance the health of their farms and the quality and flavor of food.

A recognition that the whole earth is a single, self-regulating, multi-dimensional ecosystem. Biodynamic farmers seek to fashion their farms likewise as self-regulating, bio-diverse ecosystems in order to bring health to the land and to their local communities.”

Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association

At Dominio Wines, we practice Biodynamic™ farming to ensure that the land which feeds our grapes remains viable and fruitful for future generations.  We use the preparation 500 to promote soil microbial growth and keep the soils alive and generating a healthy ecosystem. We also mist preparation 501 silica on the vines to bring light and heat into the vineyard. 500 and 501 are like the yin and yang of Biodynamics. They balance each other and are necessary for establishing the Biodynamic™ farm. Other teas are made from plants like horsetail, stinging nettle, and chamomile and are applied to illicit a response from the vines. Compost is made on the farm and spread over the vineyard to improve soil fertility and benefit soil microbial life.