Tempranillo is often like the mathematician who sits in his forest lair: contemplative, complicated, and rich in conjecture.

All from our Estate Three Sleeps Vineyard, we are only beginning to understand the power packed array of both textures and flavors from its Tempranillo. Wild mountain berries lay the groundwork  while anise, brown sugar, sarsaparilla and the “good earth” fill in its spaces. The texture of nutty brown tannins make chewing a pleasure. These are wines capable of long term aging and present wonderful lessons in the art of maturing! Decant when young and taste one glass at a time as the wine slowly sips oxygen and develops delicious texture and depth.

Syrah is the spice; she is the dance, and an evening of dangerous possibilities.

Syrah from our Three Sleeps Estate Vineyard occupies the rarefied air between the warm eastern Oregon climate and the temperate rainforest of the Willamette Valley, producing elegant and nuanced wines evoking black cherry, blackberry, sage, dried violets, Ceylon tea, walnut, pepper and cherry bark. We find these wines evocative upon release, though they usually begin to shift in character after 8 years when the subtlety and complexity begins to reign in a world of its own.

Viognier is the evangelist announcing the benefits of a diet based solely on fruit and flower.

Redolent with floral, citrus and mineral aromatics, its flavors are of tart white peaches, orange blossom, sweet ginger, and honeysuckle. Our Viognier comes from high-elevation sites and retains bright acidity, which pull the round, full, and persistent feeling farther out into time and space. We find these wines to express a delicious freshness in the first year before the texture begins to round in magical ways for 2-5 years.

Pinot noir is the amazement of a card trick; it is the feeling of a bath and the magic at the ends of the fingertips.

There is a great and wondrous space to explore in our Willamette Valley Pinot noirs. Whereas many wines are densely packed, these wines are all about the silky spaces between their parts and abound in aromas of red and black cherries, black currants, sweet earth, subtle spice and dark cola. Enjoyed early in their development, the lively Pinot noir fruit can deftly shade the spice and earthen tones. Around 3-6 years, these wines tend to begin an ascent into earthen grace that can persist for many years.