three-sleepsFinding Three Sleeps was no simple task. We searched for two years to find the perfect site. The spot we finally chose was not widely advertised as “For Sale” – save for a small 3″x 5″ note on the Mosier community bulletin board.

Landing the site, though, proved far worth the effort. With fifteen plantable acres (eight planted, thus far), sweeping views of the Columbia River Gorge, and two major volcanoes within thirty miles, Three Sleeps is like having a garden in a national park.

Though we work with the land and farm its fruits, we know from our search how precious it is. Thus, our practices ensure that it will remain viable and healthy for future generations.

We invite you to visit the Three Sleeps Vineyard, walk the vineyards and see the vines whose fruit we so carefully farm. Seeing our sustainable operations and exploring the bucolic setting will surely build you an appetite and tire your legs, so be sure to book a night at our Three Sleeps Bed and Breakfast!